Welcome to Gurukrupa Mach Tech Pvt

Gurukrupa Mach Tech Pvt. Ltd is an engineering company founded in 2001, located in Morbi, Gujarat, India. The company is involved in development, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of coal gasifier units.

With its previous vast experience in development of ceramic dry process plant, cement plant and also gasifier plant, the company is know on the verge of becoming pioneer in development of novel and unique Zero Effluent Discharge Coal Gasification Systems.

In the existing scenario of increase in pollution, the company has developed these coal gasifier units which offer zero pollution.

The company has optimized the system to offer maximum energy efficiency and economic savings in producer gas generation, considering the energy crisis scenario in our country.

Gurukrupa Mach Tech Pvt. Ltd is in joint venture with Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat for technical assistance and its combined efforts have laid a path for the betterment of the future of society.