1st Visit

M/s. Gurukrupa Machtech Pvt. Ltd., Morbi has proposed the concept of zero effluent discharge, updraft coal gasifier incorporating indirect cooling cleaning system, tar cracker and induction heater for effluent evaporation. They seeked for the institutional services for field assessment of this “Green Concept”.

The institute team visited M/s. Savion Ceramics Pvt. Ltd, Dhuva, Morbi where one such system having approx. 7000 nm3/day of LNG equivalent gasifier i.e. 3 MW thermal capacity developed by M/s. Gurukrupa Mactech Pvt. Ltd., Morbi is installed. The field assessment trial was conducted from transient to steady state condition from 10/04/13 to 12/04/13 in presence of institute representatives and was continued later on. The parameters monitored included temperatures and pressures at critical locations, coal consumption, gas generation, gas sampling, coal sampling, ash sampling, tar sampling, cooling water and effluent water sampling. The stack monitoring and the air quality monitoring including VOC was also planned from authorized external agencies.

The complete description of the system, methodology adopted for field assessment and sampling as per relevant standards and the final out come of the assessment is presented and critically discussed in terms of performance and environmental impact. In general, the proposed system does not discharge any effluent to the atmosphere and satisfies the environmental requirements which is well within prescribed limits for majority of parameters of interest.

Finally, the conclusions and few suggestions to further upgrade the technology form an important component of this report.

The details of representatives from various agencies who witnessed the trial is given below:

  • SVNIT Team
    1) Dr. S. A. Channiwala
    2) Mr. Pranav Anekar
  • Officials From GPCB
    1) J.K.Vyas, Regional officer,Rajkot
    2) V.R.Patel, Sr Env Engineer
    3) Mr.Ghadge, Sr.Env Engineer
    4) Mr.M.R.Makwana, DEE
    5) Mr.Dolesia, Scintific Asst
    6) Mr Vaghela,Scientitic Officer,Rajkot
    7) Mr Tandel, Vigilance cell, Rajkot
  • From Savion Ceramic
    1) Mr. Satish Patel
  • From Gurukrupa Machtech
    1) Mr. Subhash Patel
    2) Mr. Raju Patel
    3) Mr. Nilesh Ghodasara
  • Officials Associated with GPCB
    1) Mr. J.N.Joshi, Retired Professor, L.D.Eng, College
    2) Mr. Gaurang Ban, Professor, Bhuj Engineering College, Bhuj