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Guru Krupa SVNITWelcome to Gurukrupa Mach Tech Pvt. Ltd an engineering company located in Morbi, Gujarat, India. In joint venture with SVNIT, Surat, an institute of national importance, company has developed and fired world’s first environment friendly, energy efficient Zero Effluent Discharge Coal Gasification System which incorporated with unique Refiring technology and SCADA system. This system is applicable in all sectors which require producer gas as their energy source.

Why our system is Zero Effluent Discharge? In this patented system the unique feature of refiring of evaporated effluent and tar which is generated during coal gasification process, in the gasifier gives assures zero effluent output. Also the control over all the operating processes by SCADA system has made it unique. Thus system qualifies to be as non polluting system.

The incorporation of unique mechanical components in this system and its control by SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data

Acquisition) system has made this gasifier unit a masterpiece in sectors implying the concept of gasification.

After rigorous research and development and only after its sustainable application, this environment friendly Zero Effluent Discharge Coal Gasification System has come into existence. Gurukrupa Mach Tech Pvt. Ltd. thus offers eco-friendly solutions in the field of producer gas generation.

Gurukrupa Mach Tech Pvt. Ltd’s leadership has brought about a unique, “first of its’ kind” association in the field of coal gasifier units. Gurukrupa Mach Tech Pvt. Ltd. and Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat have signed MOU to combine their respective expertise to accelerate the application and use of Zero Effluent Discharge Gasification System for sound, healthy and pollution free environment in various industries.

Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat

SVNIT ranks amongst the top twenty engineering institutes of excellence in the country. It was established in 1961 in the state of Gujarat as one of the Regional Engineering in the country and became National Institute of Technology (NIT) with status of “Deemed University” in October 2002 and declared as the institute of national importance by act of parliament in 2007.

For a good cause towards society welfare there must be harmony and integrity. One alone cannot resolve the environmental issues posed by release of effluent water and tar into the atmosphere by various industries. Our company is no exception to that. The association with SVNIT, whose expertise has vast experience in gasification, has helped in attaining relative comprehensive solutions. Our company is now working in concert with SVNIT, to support and provide the technical needs of zero effluent discharge to offer customers a complete, cost effective solution that can be readily implemented in the field of producer gas generation.

  • Guru Krupa SVNIT
  • Guru Krupa SVNIT