SCADA System

The present system utilizes most advance supervisory control and data acquisition system with static IP for online measuring, recording and transmission of data at any remote location at any GPCB/CPCB regional and central head quarters.

This system is incorporated as a first major step for the safe operation of the gasifier unit. The system not only monitors and controls the operating parameters but also records the same data over a period of required months and its gets updated daily.

The whole gasifier system can be accessed from this SCADA system screen by clicking on particular components, in order to access, view and control the operating parameters of the same. Following article explains the entire gasifier plant through the medium of SCADA system. The data of following parameters is recorded and stored:-

  • Daily coal consumption.
  • Energy consumption in terms of electricity.
  • Temperature and pressure at relevant sections (Outlet of Gasifier shell, Inlet and Outlet of Primary Gas Cooler cum Ash Settler, Tar Catcher, Dual Condenser Set, Final Gas Cooler cum Ash Settler, Inlet to Main Kiln).
  • Tar and condensate effluent generation from tar catcher and condenser respectively
  • Amount of Tar and Effluent water evaporated.
  • Frequencies of Twin Lobe Blower and Main Blower.

The salient features of this SCADA is monitoring and recording of each parameter in an interval of 15 minutes. The average value of this data and its integration over the whole day gives the daily average values of temperature and pressure at entry and exit of each subsystem. Also the integrated values of coal consumption, tar generation and effluent generation gives daily average of these parameters.

Further, the emission parameters like CO & particulate emissions average over a day can be monitored and recorded. This system offers complete transparency and monitors complete record of each and every aspect of gasifier operation and performance.

This SCADA system can be accessed from 1025 windows from any place with internet facility as static IP type and modem is installed in this system. The system installed with the gasifier unit is secured by three passwords for three different users namely administrator (the password of this user is with management body of company), operator (password of this uses is with operator of the gasifier plant), for the above cases both users can login & control/vary the operating parameters of the gasifier plant and take the printouts of reports. The third password is for viewer, the same can only login and view the process and reports and take its printout.